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We get mobile

We understand its evolution and its importance, and we know that app developers have helped make mobile the pivotal channel that it is today. And you fearless pioneers are taking mobile to a new level by crafting unique experiences that delight users. Monetization is critical to survival, but must co-exist seamlessly with user experience.

App developers walk a fine line — but someone’s gotta do it. We’re here to back up your gutsy mission with our expertise in:
Driving Revenue
Premium, unique brand spend through the largest demand portfolio in mobile with 230+ buyers on the ONE by AOL: Mobile Marketplace and our in-house ad network.
Mobile-First Controls
Manage your demand sources in one place using our robust mediation capabilities in our new, easy-to-use interface built for mobile. In-depth consolidated demand source reporting allows you to understand performance and take immediate action.
Brand-Safe Experiences
Mobile-first experiences deliver revenue without sacrificing your app experience, while rigorous and comprehensive brand safety controls help you protect your brand.
Strategic Guidance
Get support through seasoned account management and self-serve resources — no 1-800 numbers, no runaround. We’re here to guide you, advise you and make you shine.

Case Studies

See how our mobile expertise can take your monetization efforts to the next level:
By using ONE by AOL: Mobile as their primary SSP, Audiomack noticed an increase of 458% in revenue. Audiomack was able to uncover new revenue streams with video and noticed significant gains through mediation.
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AOL’s premium video products and premium demand helped LOTUM GmbH achieve stronger audience engagement and a 297% increase in eCPM.
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AOL helped Slidejoy achieve a 3x eCPM premium for their preferred deals while also creating a complementary programmatic strategy to deliver incremental high quality demand to Slidejoy’s highly viewable interstitial inventory.
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Together, AOL and Spinrilla developed a holistic approach where Spinrilla was able to improve monetization across several different channels, including video, banner ads and interstitials, which ultimately drove a 54% increase in earnings.
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